When contemplating what flowers and plants to incorporate into your garden or commercial property, ideally the top picks will be those that will look attractive all year round and be able to withstand both cold and warmer weather conditions. Luckily, taking time to research into the best plants that grow all year round means you will be flooded with inspiration, whether you opt for a large shrub or delicate flowers, it is almost certain you will find a choice to meet your desired look.

How To Care For Plants That Grow All Year Round

Considering long-lasting plants and flowers may take a little extra regular maintenance, however, will save a considerable amount of time in the long-run. Rather than the lengthy task of removing and re-planting your blooms year after year, instead, only an hour or so of pruning every few months will be required. Always keep a careful eye out for bugs manifesting in your garden, insects are a hotspot for spreading bacteria and viruses that will impede growth and damage the roots. Take some time to investigate into the correct fertiliser to suit the needs of your plants, if you’re unsure, not to worry, take a look at this handy Gardener’s World guide!

Keep reading for our top 10 plants that will brighten your garden and create a stunning talking point all year round.

1. Viburnum Opulus

The Viburnum Opulus is also known as a ‘snowball tree’ due to its delicate cluster of small white, sometimes pink, flowers that form in a sphere-like shape. White flowers bloom at the end of Spring and continue to live through the Summer accompanied by dark green leaves. As Autumn reaches, leaves will turn red and bulbs will be replaced with red, blue or black berries, creating the ultimate festive look ready for Winter to approach.

snowball tree

2. Hibiscus

To record, we are lucky enough to have our choice between over 200 different species of hibiscus flower, all of which are of varying colour combinations, shapes and sizes. The hibiscus is known for being strong enough to handle both cold and warm climates, however, do require a considerable amount of water to remain healthy and need light all year round. Although hibiscus plants do last all year round, their large, vibrant flowers only last around three days, then the flower will close and drop off. The cycle will then restart and continue throughout the year.


3. Asters

The most common type of Aster is a lavender coloured flower with strong resemblances to a daisy. Their heads are star-shaped with long-thin petals, bringing colour to your garden in periods when most others flowers have started to dull. Asters generally have a long life, beginning their journey during the early Summer months and continuing to stand strong until late Autumn. If you seem to be lacking wildlife in your garden, asters are the perfect investment to encourage, particularly butterflies, to pay you a visit.


4. Candytuft

Candytuft, traditionally named Iberis, is a type of evergreen, which stay green all year round and form the prettiest white flowers during the Spring and Summer, then rebloom Autumn. The flowers create a white blanket like appearance, which when you look closely, you notice clusters of layered petals with a dainty green centre. Candytuft plants require drained soil with plenty of light meaning not only are they perfect for a soiled garden, but can also grow healthy in a rock garden. In a rare occasion, you may even be lucky enough to experience pink and purple flowers as well as white.

candy tuft

5. Amaryllis Royal Velvet

The amaryllis comes in many different variations; however, the royal velvet is most definitely the most striking. With a ruby-like colouring shaped similarly to a lily, the large flower blooms at the end of large separate green stalks. Amaryllis plants blossom on the outside later in the year during the months of September and October, however, will bloom all year round in warmer climates. Unfortunately, the royal velvet cannot cope with extremely low temperatures, so during months where freezing is frequent, it is recommended to bring your plant inside. To make the task easier, consider planting your flower in a pot rather than in the ground.

Amaryllis Royal Velvet

6. Creeping Phlox

Creeping phlox wins in name through its flower made carpet look that creeps across the ground, cascading down your garden. Flowers have a star like an appearance varying between shades of pink, purple, white or red. Batches of tiny flowers densely packed together create a mesmerising look as if you are strolling through a fairytale garden. Feeding creeping phlox with fertiliser in the early Spring months will most definitely benefit you through its blooming period. It is recommended to cut back the plant after flowering as it will dramatically increase the likelihood of a second bloom in one year.

creeping phlox

7. Fruit Trees

If you have a large garden with many empty areas, considering planting a fruit tree is a fantastic choice. Although it may take a while for your tree to reach its full potential, the delicious homegrown fruit and all year round colour will be worth the wait. Apple and pear trees are keen favourites, due to their easy to maintain requirements and taste popularity. During the Spring, you can enjoy beautiful flowers elegantly forming on branches. You will be rewarded with fruit during the Summer and then leaves will transform into a rusty red colour ready for Autumn.

apple tree

8. Sedum

Similarly to the hibiscus, you will never be short of choice when it comes to the sedum with over 400 species available. Sedum plants can bloom and reach their full life in both soil and rock gardens, requiring only partial light and minimal watering, as long as the soil is not entirely dry and they are not planted in full shade, there will be no growth issues. Sedum is a charming plant that blossoms flowers on top of evergreen foliage with flowers ranging between shades of red, pink and purple.


Bring Life To Your Garden All Year Round!

Gardening isn’t for everyone, which is understandable, but this doesn’t necessarily mean you cannot have a stunning garden perfect for throwing Summer BBQ’s and gatherings. Enlisting the help of professionals to create the garden of your dreams only requires a quick phone call. We specialise in landscape maintenance Milton Keynes for all sizes meets your exact requirements, making the most out of the space you have!

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