As a business, first impressions are vital and a welcoming, yet professional atmosphere must be formed the moment a new visitor enters your commercial property. The first insight into your business an outsider will have is the exterior of your premises, so ensuring that it remains in immaculate condition through gardening and landscaping services is essential.

Commercial Gardening And Landscaping Services

Many property owners often discourage the idea of hiring professional commercial landscapers to take care of their premises due to the cost and thought of an additional bill at the end of each month. However, landscaping services are surprisingly cost-effective and are tailored to suit the time of year.

During the Spring, plants, shrubs, grass and trees grow more and at a faster rate due to the combination of sun and rainfall, meaning that visits will be more regular. However, as the colder months approach, maintenance will be required less, and clean-up operations such as leaf removal and cutting down plants ready for the Winter conditions will be more suitable.

Opting for gardening and landscaping services can benefit your business in more ways than one, so if you’re unsure whether to invest, keep reading!

Technical Knowledge and Specialist Equipment

To become a commercial landscaper, individuals must complete mandatory courses and gain industry level qualifications to be able to provide their professional services to the public. During courses, not only will they complete practical training, but also understand the theory behind services meaning that all landscapers will have considerably more technical knowledge than, for example, a caretaker. Expert knowledge will be used to advise you on the best plan of action to get the most out of their services.

Hiring a team of professional landscapers also means that they will have all of the relevant equipment to carry out larger, more complex jobs. Equipment can be expensive and somewhat technical, so it is unlikely that all equipment required will be accessible in-house.

Long story short, the exterior of your commercial property will be in safer hands with professional landscapers.

shrub pruning

Increases On-Site Safety

Lack of safety on public premises can result in numerous different fines, claims, court cases and could even result in a losing your business. To become insured as a business, you must arrange a full assessment of the interior and exterior of your building to ensure that there are no risks. All large insurance companies such as AXA, NatWest and Churchill all require an assessment.

One of the main risk associated with a commercial property is neglecting plants and trees, allowing them to overgrow and cause tripping or falling hazards. Trees can quickly become overgrown, and with age, branches begin to break off and fall, potentially into the pathway of a visitor, onto a car or even into a window of your building. Arranging for a tree surgeon Milton Keynes to pay a visit every few months to prune any overgrown branches and check the health of your on-site trees is essential.

modern office with trees outside

Less Unwanted Visitors

There is nothing worse than arriving at a property, whether this may be commercial or domestic and seeing a stray cat rummaging through rubbish, or even worse, a rat running past. Unwanted visitors are enough to encourage a visitor to turn away and get straight back into their car.

Unfortunately, placing outdoor bins surrounding your premises is not always enough, particularly if your business is placed in a business complex or a busy city centre. Not everyone is eco-friendly and cares for the environment, so people will drop litter such as food wrappers, which is a prime culprit for attracting pests.

A service included in commercial maintenance Milton Keynes that many business owners do not consider is litter removal. During your weekly, monthly or even quarterly maintenance visit, all rubbish will be cleared keeping the area looking immaculate and more importantly, keeping unwanted guests away.

putting coffee cup in bin

Maintain Business Reputation

You may have the most modern, luxury office interior with friendly staff and an exceptional online presence, but if a guest, customer, client or even potential employee arrives at your physical property to see an untidy, overgrown and unappealing exterior, then their impression will dramatically decline. Maintaining a high reputation amongst clients, customers and competitors are critical for business growth and progression.

Not only is it vital to keep up a high reputation for those involved in the business, but also those who could impact how successful the company is, and this includes neighbours. It is more than likely that nearby to your commercial property is housing, meaning that a dingy, dirty office building is going to cause floods of complaints to the council. There are only so many complaints a property can receive before the council will issue a warning or even worse, close the premises meaning your business no longer has a headquarters.

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More Time To Focus On The Business

As a business or property owner, there is likely to be a never-ending list of daily ‘to-dos’ that must be completed or arranged, exterior upkeep often being one that ends up at the end of the list. Of course, finance and delegating tasks to employees are considerably more important than cutting grass or pruning shrubs, so take the weight off your shoulders and hand the job over to a professional.

Most commercial maintenance companies offer ongoing contracts to businesses which means that although some initial organisation is required, once your agreement is signed, you no longer have to worry about making arrangements. Your chosen team will arrive on the delegated date and time each month to carry out any necessary jobs, all without disrupting the company or anyone else, allowing you more time to focus on your business.

Book Gardening And Landscaping Services Today!

Keeping your businesses premises in immaculate condition, wow’ing guests the moment they arrive doesn’t have to be a tiresome task. Professional landscape maintenance teams are there to make your life just that little bit easier and offer their expert knowledge to benefit your business. They are even there to answer any questions or queries you have and give their honest advice on the best plan of action for you.

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